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Haverford College

Greening Haverford

Sustainable Campus Operations: Transportation

Sustainable transport refers to any means of transport with low impact on the environment, and includes walking, cycling, green vehicles, car share programs, and public transport systems.

Sustainable transport systems make a positive contribution to the environmental, social and economic sustainability of the communities they serve. Transport systems exist to provide social and economic connections. The advantages of increased mobility need to be weighed against the environmental, social and economic costs that transport systems pose. Learn more on Wikipedia >

Bike Tire

Devereux Bike Program

Last summer Haverford College emptied two garages of abandoned bikes and donated them to the Devereux Foundation in Malvern for refurbishing.

Get Tickets

Planning a trip into Philly?

Come to the Student Activities Office for train schedules, tickets, tokens, and advice.

"Green" Your Transportation

  • Consider making your next car a hybrid.
  • Walk or bike to work! These are the two greenest options one can choose to get around - no fossil fuels, no emissions.
  • Consider car pooling.
  • Don't drive mindlessly, combine shopping trips so you only go out once and try to walk or bike whenever possible.

News & Updates

Transportation Resources

  • Go By Bike!

    Go By Bike

    A diverse group of Haverford community members who share a common love: cycling. We hope to see you on the out on the road.
  • TransitChek

    TransitChek Program

    TransitChek vouchers can be redeemed to purchase fare materials on all regional public transit and vanpool providers. Contact the Business Office and begin saving today!

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