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Haverford College
Department of Fine Arts
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Disciplines : Sculpture

Markus Baenziger, Wave (detail), Synthetic resin and wood
Markus Baenziger, Wave (detail), Synthetic resin and wood

The sculpture concentration at Haverford offers students the opportunity to explore the three-dimensional media with a broad range of materials and processes. Classes are designed to engage the visual language through a process of critical analysis and discovery while providing a structured environment that allows students to acquire dexterity with a comprehensive set of three-dimensional skills. At the introductory level students are introduced to fundamental three-dimensional techniques and through sequential classes they gain proficiency in a skill set that culminates with sophisticated sculptural concepts and fabrication methods at the advanced level.

The sculpture facilities include a wood shop, metal fabrication equipment, and a large-scale foundry for bronze casting. Students are introduced to wood and metal working techniques, as well as modeling and casting techniques with synthetic materials and bronze. The sculpture concentration's focus on conceptual investigation and in-depth technical education, in conjunction with well equipped foundry facilities, provides students the setting to foster creativity and work through artistic curiosity.