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Haverford College
Department of Fine Arts
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Prof. Ying Li and Students

Introductory - 100 Level

The 100 level represents our Introductory or Foundation courses and it consists of a selection of half-semester courses. A student may choose four out of five mediums: drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, and printmaking for credit. While one half-semester course does not allow sufficient time for a beginning student to master a given medium, a half semester gives ample time for acquiring a medium’s basic skills. In each discipline, the student learns to see and learns to coordinate his/her increasing skills of interpretation and expression to create individual art works.

200 Level - Materials and Techniques

The 200 level courses are called "Materials and Techniques." Having gained a solid basis from the Foundation courses, the student chooses a medium to pursue in depth for a semester. At this level, the student is encouraged to explore the various materials and their uses to create a refined and distinctive body of work.

300 Level - Experimental Studio

The 300 level courses are named "Experimental Studio," and continue where the 200 level courses left off. Here the student uses the acquired knowledge of materials and techniques in order to further express and broaden his/her artistic vision and ideas. In addition to scheduled classes, students are encouraged to work outside of class in the fine arts building on their own work. Adjacent faculty studios encourage this informal contact which is invaluable in learning the discipline of art making. This type of contact and mentoring is an important aspect of a student’s education in our department.

400 Level - Senior Departmental Studies

The 400 level course is "Senior Departmental Studies." The student reviews the depth and extent of experience gained, and in doing so creates a coherent body of work expressive of the student's insights and skills. At the end of the senior year the student is expected to produce a show of his or her work as a thesis requirement.

Major Requirements

Fine arts majors are required to concentrate in either painting, drawing, sculpture, photography or printmaking: four 100-level foundation courses in each discipline; two different 200-level courses outside the area of concentration; two 200-level courses and one 300-level course within that area; three art history courses to be taken at Bryn Mawr College or equivalent, and Senior Departmental Studies 499. For majors intending to do graduate work, it is strongly recommended that they take an additional 300-level studio course within their area of concentration and an additional art history course at Bryn Mawr College.

Minor Requirement

Fine arts minors are required to take four of 100-level foundation courses in painting (or drawing), sculpture, printmaking, and photography; two 200-level courses and one 300-level course within the chosen area of study; and one art history/theory/criticism, or visual culture courses.


About 20% of Haverford College students will take fine arts courses while enrolled in the College. The students who do major in fine arts and who wish to continue their education are able to get into the professional graduate art school of their choice. Our alumni are distinguished professionals active in the visual, creative arts and allied fields.