English 293a A. Solomon
F 1:30-4p.m. HU III


Creative Writing: Fiction description

This course will explore the glorious art and stringent discipline of storytelling through a focus on the fundamental elements of fiction: character, plot and language, both in narrative and dialogue. Students in the class will develop as readers, writers and hopefully write distinct and engaging short stories. The centerpiece of class meetings will be a workshop where students discuss their peers’ work and offer productive criticism. Students will also read a variety of canonical and contemporary published short fiction by authors such as Lydia Davis, Gwendolyn Brooks, Jennifer Egan, Junot Díaz, Edward P. Jones, Flannery O’Connor and Sherman Alexie. Part of the goal of the course will be learning to respond to this work as writers rather than as literary scholars. The success of this course depends on each student’s frequent and thoughtful participation; those who expect to miss more than one meeting due to previously scheduled events should consider another course.

Enrollment is limited to 15 students. If you are interested in taking the course, please submit a two to five-page sample of your best prose fiction to Professor Solomon of English, Woodside Cottage by May 20th (the sample may be excerpted from a longer piece of writing). Be sure to label the sample with your name, college, year, and e-mail address.
An e-mail regarding your standing in the course will be sent to you upon your return in the fall.