4+1 Program With the University of Pennsylvania

Study for four years at Haverford, then one year at Penn, and receive a Bachelor's of Science or Bachelor's of Arts* from Haverford and a Master's in Engineering from Penn. Haverford is the first liberal arts college in the world to enter into such an agreement with an Ivy League engineering program.

During your four years at Haverford, you will take between zero and four undergraduate engineering courses (depending on your field of interest) through our course exchange agreements with Penn and Swarthmore. Typically, you will start taking these during your sophomore year, but it is essential to begin taking appropriate science and math courses at Haverford in the first semester of your freshman year. Please consult with the Haverford faculty contact for the Master’s degree(s) that interest you most (see below).

You will formally apply to the 4+1 program any time between the end of your sophomore year and mid-summer after your junior year; a GPA of 3.0 in all courses and of 3.0 in science and math courses is required to apply. The admissions decision is based on your transcript and letters of recommendation from one or more Haverford faculty members.

After being accepted, and after completing any prerequisite undergraduate engineering and science courses, you will take three graduate engineering courses at Penn while still enrolled at Haverford. (There is no additional financial charge for these courses.) During your four years at Haverford, you will also complete all graduation requirements, including the major. You graduate from Haverford at the normal time, along with your class.

The fifth year of the program is spent entirely at Penn. You will take seven additional graduate courses to complete the requirements for the Master’s degree. There is no financial aid available from Penn for the fifth year of the program, though you are eligible for federal student loans. The tuition is approximately $40,000 for the fifth year.

Master's Degrees & Majors

The Master's degrees available through the 4+1 program, and the required Haverford major for each are given below. Each link leads to the associated website at Penn, which provides details on the careers accessible with that degree. Please contact the listed Haverford faculty member for further details.

Master's Degree Required Haverford Major Haverford Faculty Contact Sample Schedules
Bioengineering Biology, or Chemistry with a Biochemistry Concentration Prof. Judy Owen and Prof. Rob Fairman 3 sample Bioengineering schedules (pdf)
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Chemistry Prof. Casey Londergan Possible Course Sequence starting freshman year (pdf)
Computer and Information Science Computer Science Prof. Dave Wonnacott Haverford/U. Penn 4+1 Computer and Information Science Sample Schedules (pdf)
Computer and Information Technology Any Major Prof. Dave Wonnacott
Electrical Engineering Physics or Interdisciplinary Physics Prof. Walter Smith
Embedded Systems Major in Computer Science, or any Major with a Minor in Computer Science Prof. Dave Wonnacott
Computer Graphics and Game Technology Major in Computer Science, or any Major with a Minor in Computer Science Prof. Dave Wonnacott
Materials Science and Engineering Interdisciplinary Physics or Chemistry Prof. Alex Norquist
Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics Physics or Interdisciplinary Physics Prof. Walter Smith Sample schedule for Mechanical Engineering / Physics Major (pdf)
Nanotechnology Physics, Interdisciplinary Physics, Biology with a Biophysics Concentration, or Chemistry Prof. Walter Smith
Robotics Computer Science, Physics, or Interdisciplinary Physics Prof. Dave Wonnacott
Systems Engineering Math, Computer Science, Physics, or Economics with Mathematical Economics Concentration Prof. Rob Manning Required and suggested undergraduate courses and sample course schedules (pdf)

Required graduate courses for Master's degree (pdf)

*Students with an Economics major receive a Bachelor's of Arts. Students with physics, chemistry, biology, math, or computer science majors may choose Bachelor's of Arts or Bachelor's of Science.^