Kuali Financial System (eKuality)

eKuality is based on the Kuali Financial System, which is an open source enterprise system developed by the Kuali Foundation. It is rapidly expanding to Higher Education Institutions around the world.

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Doug Davis: (610) 896-4206
Michael Gavanus: (610) 896-1249

Online Tutorials

These step by step lessons are designed to help you learn the Kuali Financial System (KFS) by guiding you through the processes you will need to complete work in KFS. These short tutorials also provide new users with some of the fundamentals you will need to effectively navigate the Kuali system and menu options, as well as instruction in how to do any transaction that might be needed in Kuali.

When you select one of the purple books (KFS Basics, Data Entry Fundamentals, etc), you will be presented with a list of related links beneath it. When each link is selected, you will be presented with a few different buttons on the right side on your screen. Clicking the "Try it" link will take you to the interactive tutorial. "Print it" will take you to a printable version of the tutorial. Please use either Firefox, Chrome, or Safari to do the tutorials. When trying to enter a transaction in KFS, if you don't remember what to do from your training class, try running the appropriate tutorial as a refresher.

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