Every year, close to 200 sophomores, juniors, and seniors participate in the Customs and work directly with the next entering class. These people all serve different roles and have their own acronym to show for it.

From the Customs People (CPs), to the Upper-Class Advisors (UCAs), to the Honor Code Orienteers (HCOs), to the Peer Awareness Facilitators (PAFs), to the Ambassadors for Multicultural Awareness (AMAs), the Customs Program provides a sort of safety net for frosh to use if they need it.

  • Customs Person

    Customs People are Haverford's alternative to a residential advisor program. Two Customs People live on each freshman hall as part of the yearlong freshmen orientation and serve as resource people for the freshmen. Customs People need to be available 24/7 to act as guides, advisors, mentors, and friends. Customs People need to be adaptable, whether they’re hanging out and having fun with their freshmen or dealing with more serious issues. Customs People will work in tandem with the other customs positions: Peer Awareness Facilitators (PAFs), Ambassadors of Multicultural Awareness (AMAs), Upper Class Advisors (UCAs), and Honor Code Orienteers (HCOs) to help the freshmen become acclimated to the Haverford environment.

    • Co-Heads: Rachel Lee and Stephen Davis
    • Committee: Mac Perkins-High, Courtney Carter, Rachel Xiao, Levi Bowers, Ana Colon-Garcia
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  • Ambassador for Multicultural Awareness

    The Ambassador for Multicultural Awareness exists to provide cultural perspective to the freshmen. AMAs will help the freshmen with their transition into the existing cultural norms at Haverford. The AMA program was designed to provide the freshmen class with the understanding and confidence needed to function well at Haverford while emphasizing the freshmen's unique traits. This mode of engagement will allow them to contribute to the strengthening of diversity and multiculturalism at Haverford. The AMA will plan fun, yet culturally engaging activities, both on and off-campus. They will therefore be responsible for introducing freshmen to the multicultural organizations and activities on campus, and engaging them in community service opportunities. Additionally, AMAs are charged with breaking the “Haverbubble” by leading open dialogues around cultural events on campus, and relating them to global issues.

    • Co-Heads: Naomi Chaqueco and Jessica Feng
    • Committee: Elise Riley, Nicole Bonsu, Ching Li
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  • Upper Class Advisor

    Upper Class Advisors (UCAs) support the academic advising of First-Year Faculty Advisors. UCAs are juniors or seniors who live on a first-year hall and are trained to support first-years as they navigate academic life at Haverford, including academic requirements, academic departments, and course selection. UCAs are paired with Customs People, Peer Awareness Facilitators, Honor Code Orienteerers and Ambassadors for Multicultural Awareness to assist first-year students with their adjustment to all aspects of life at Haverford.

    UCAs are chosen from a wide pool in the spring by a committee including current UCAs and Deans, and undergo training to serve as an adviser. UCAs normally attend training programs during the second half of the spring semester, the two days immediately following Commencement, and again in late August before the arrival of the incoming class.

    Please note that to be a viable UCA candidate, you must be able and willing to live in any of the first-year housing areas in Barclay, Gummere, Tritton and HCA. Check with Dean Martinez if you believe you have extenuating circumstances preventing you from living in a particular first-year residence. If you do not feel as though you could accept an assignment in all of these areas, please do not apply to be a UCA. Additionally, the Smoking Policy stipulates that all first-year residential buildings are smoke-free spaces. This policy applies to all residents and guests, regardless of class year, and includes spaces such as individual rooms, common rooms, hallways, stairways, bathrooms, etc. Smoking will still be allowed outside of first-year buildings, although the courtyard of Tritton will be smoke-free.

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    Deadline: Sunday, February 1st, 2015 (midnight)

    Selection criteria include knowledge of the curriculum, extra-curricular contributions, leadership, and ability in counseling and advising students.

    1. Write an application letter stating your qualifications (academic and otherwise) and reasons for your interest in a UCA position. Include the names of one Haverford or Bryn Mawr faculty member and one Haverford student who may be called upon as references.
    2. Send application to Dean Michael Martinez at
  • Peer Awareness Facilitator

    Peer Awareness Facilitators are off-hall members of a Customs Team who lead facilitations about identity and social issues. These facilitations create a safe space to foster dialogue so freshmen with different backgrounds can come together to create a more inclusive community. These discussions take place throughout the course of the year and include topics such as gender, class, drugs and alcohol, sexual health and practices, race, body image, sexual identity and orientation, sexual misconduct, religion and spirituality, and ability and disability. PAFs also function as off-hall resources for the first-year students and typically help students get in-touch with the many student life offices available. PAFs work either in pairs or individually.

    • Co-Heads: Neal Patel and Ali Lamacki
    • Committee: Abby Letts, Alana Tartaro, Rebecca Fisher, and Kim Conrad
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  • Honor Code Orienteer

    Honor Code Orienteers have a unique position that combines two of Haverford’s greatest strengths—the Honor Code and Customs. Freshmen coming into Haverford will approach the Honor Code with different perspectives and preconceived ideas. The way HCOs introduce the Honor Code impacts the way freshmen will see the Code over their years here, and that part is up to you! HCOs have a particularly unique opportunity because while not every freshman will respond to Customs, every student at Haverford interacts with the Code on a daily basis. You don’t need to have been on Honor Council or have certain beliefs on the Code to make a great HCO—just a deep interest in the Honor Code’s role in our community and passion for how the Code will be introduced to freshmen. HCOs will be yearlong support persons to the freshmen, facilitating discussion and generally being an off-the-hall resource for concerns both academic and personal.

    • Co-Heads: Grace Thiele and Lynnie Woodruff
    • Committee: Willa Gutfreund, Harry Van Der Kloot, Cecily Van Buren-Freedman, Irene Evans, and Kaziah White
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