Summer 2014 CPGC Internships Announced

The Center for Peace and Global Citizenship will fund the summer work of 64 students.

Sixty-four Bi-College students have been awarded 2014 summer internships by the Center for Peace & Global Citizenship (CPGC). The CPGC internship program puts Haverford's educational philosophy into practice by providing students with the opportunity to integrate their academic learning with practical experience in a way that fosters responsible engagement with social justice issues.

In addition to their academic and experiential preparation, each intern was selected because he or she demonstrated an intellectual engagement with an important domestic or international issue, and a commitment to understanding how global processes affect local communities.

This year the Center is supporting 54 Haverford students, 10 Bryn Mawr students, and is sending equal numbers (27) of Haverford students on domestic and international internships.The CPGC is supporting the work of 9  freshmen, 21 sophomores, 19 juniors, and 5 seniors.

A full list of student interns, their projects, and their majors, can be found here.