Self-Designed Internships

Students wishing to craft an internship project around a particular issue or area are encouraged to propose a self-designed internship.



For a project planned by the student to take place outside of the United States. Open to Haverford and Bryn Mawr students.


For a project planned by the student to take place in the United States. Internships in Philadelphia will require the student to live within the city.

Continuing Connections

Students that have previously done a CPGC internship who want to pursue related work may apply for a Continuing Connection internship. Students may deepen and broaden their understanding of the issues they are studying by:

  • returning to a community or region with which they have already established a connection;
  • continuing to explore an issue they have already experienced in another setting; or
  • working with a similar community of individuals in another region of the world.

Open to any sophomore or junior who have already participated in one CPGC internship opportunity. The expectation of this internship is that students who spend an additional summer living and working in a community will seek opportunities to reflect upon, analyze and elaborate on their experiences when they return to campus. Although there is no specific course planned, we encourage applicants to identify a mentor who can guide and focus their reflections. This could be a professor whose work and interests overlap with the internship and who may be willing to sponsor an independent study project or to advise on a senior thesis.

Senior Bridge

This internship provides the opportunity for seniors to investigate issues of peace and social justice following their graduation from Haverford. Awards are given on a competitive basis to graduating seniors who make a compelling case for how this experience will inform and transform what they will be doing after graduation and how it will act as a bridge to what they intend to do after the internship is completed.