Camps & Conferences

  • Dorms
    Inside Tritton Dorm

    Tritton and Kim dormitories feature quiet study rooms on each floor.

    Participants of the various and camps and conferences at Haverford College are housed in one of seven dorms or four houses.

    The college accommodations include single rooms, with a few spacious doubles, in dorms that hold between 14 and 149 participants. In addition, there are suites for two to six people where each participant has a single room with a shared common lounge. Some dorms are handicapped accessible.

    Haverford's one-card access system (known as the SummerCard) provides optimal security in all of our dormitories and houses. Card readers, installed on all exterior doors, allows college security to limit access and monitor anyone entering or exiting the building. The built in alarm system also ensures that all dormitories will remain secure at all times. Participants safety while staying in our dorms is Haverford College's top priority.

  • Dining Services
    Dining Center

    The Dining Center.

    The college's in-house food service offers a wide range of menu options in order to meet most dietary needs.

    Cafeteria style service permits individual selection while maintaining a nutritious diet. Haverford's dining center provides hot breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week, including a full salad bar, cereal bar, selection of beverages and fresh fruit in a customer friendly format to make your dining experience fun, relaxing and healthy.

    In order to accommodate all of our visitors, the dining services team encourages you to contact us with any special dietary needs you may have. Our managers and chefs are more than willing to provide meals to fit your individual needs.

    In addition, Haverford is home to a nationally recognized and award wining Catering Department. Our catering team customizes any meal, event or celebration to your specifications. Every detail is important and every moment is planned carefully to make your event extra special.

  • Facilities

    Inside the Douglas B. Gardner '83 Integrated Athletic Center .

    Haverford College's facilities offer a perfect environment for any summer camp or conference.

    Haverford offers a wide selection of classroom space including: fully equipped auditoriums, "smart classrooms", multipurpose rooms, and general classroom space. Many of our classrooms are customizable, allowing us to fit your unique requirements. In addition, large multipurpose rooms can accommodate almost any activity.

    The Haverford College Athletic Department strives to provide the best possible facilities for the summer programs. The college athletic facilities include: four squash courts, twelve outdoor tennis courts, outdoor track, softball field, baseball field, soccer fields, lacrosse fields, and pool, as well as a versatile field house which can accommodate basketball, volleyball, tennis and track. Our nature trail has also become a very popular recreational attraction during the summer months.


  • Campus Safety

    Haverford has experienced minimal problems to date with crime on campus. Life on any college campus, however, is subject to some of the same risks and problems as life elsewhere.

    Haverford College is dedicated to keeping the campus a secure and healthy place to live, work and study.

  • Summer Card

    All of the summer programs on Haverford's campus are required to utilize the SummerCard.

    The primary reason these cards are used during the summer months is to identify those individuals that belong on the campus. Since we house participants of various ages, after dusk and before dawn only individuals with these unique cards will be permitted on the college campus. While visitors are always welcome, they are carefully screened prior to entering the college by our security personnel.

    In addition, the SummerCard is used to enter all of our dorms, houses and dining center. Card readers on all exterior doors of residential buildings eliminates the use of keys when enter the dorms, making your experience much safer and more convenient. The doors are constantly monitored in our security dispatch center, ensuring the safety of every participant. Summer programs also use the SummerCard to gain access to the dining center. These cards act as a meal pass and guarantee that only participants of your program are dining with you.

  • Camp Contacts