Haverford Logo Revisions

Thanks again to students, faculty and staff for your input as we developed new logos and other graphic marks.

Your feedback has been tremendously helpful. The graphic suite is based upon the word mark "Haverford College"; the word mark plus a resized and simplified image of Founders Hall; a round graphic rendering of the cupola atop Founders Hall; and just the word "Haverford".

  • We'll be rolling out these new marks over the course of this academic year in what amounts to a 'soft launch'. Letterhead and other consumables need not be pulped until July, 2014, though please do not order replacement supplies bearing the old marks.
  • Applications and templates that derive from these four core design elements are being aggregated at what will be an ever-expanding download site. Soon we'll publish a style guide governing their implementation, though descriptions and instructions on the download site make clear how each one is to be used.
  • As you find yourself needing a new mark because you are ordering supplies, making a poster, creating a blog, etc., please understand that not every mark can be used in every situation. Given the limited number of solutions currently available at the download page, this means that you likely will not yet find what you need. In the past, it may have been tempting to simply repurpose/tweak/adapt a mark for whatever the rising need might be. Because we want to foster clean, consistent, logical use of our graphic identity, we have three words of advice should you feel the urge to open a new mark in Photoshop and go to town: Don't Do It. Rather, contact us (cmills@haverford.edu and eweisgra@haverford.edu) and ask for assistance. We've been handling urgent/custom requests and are happy to hear from you!


Chris Mills '82
Assistant Vice President for College Communications

Emily Weisgrau
Development & Alumni Communications Manager
(Logo Project Manager)

Haverford Logo Preview