Scholars Speak about the Summer Program

  • I wanted to have a mentor in college and exposure to the rigor of Haverford’s academics… I’m very happy to have [My professor] for my advisor/mentor and look forward to staying close with the other Scholars.
  • I applied because the [Chesick Summer Institute] seemed beneficial and it paid a lot. It was ultimately my decision, but my mother helped encourage me. I was afraid of “losing” 5 weeks of the summer, but I ended up gaining years worth of awesome experiences.
  • [My professor]’s class was extremely difficult, yet it was even more rewarding. I feel much more prepared for college writing, as he did not hold back his criticisms. This class not only helped me in writing, but it also helped me learn to accept criticism as constructive.
  • I am extremely excited that I did [the Chesick Summer Institute]. At first I was reluctant, but I am fortunate that I was able to experience this program.
  • [My expectations for the summer program] were exceeded. The quality of the classes and professors was impressive. I had a lot of fun on our extra trips and I love how involved all of the faculty and staff I met were.
  • It was lot of work but greatly appreciated because I have been able to learn more about my time-management skills.
  • I expected lots of fun and tons of work. I also expected the experience to teach me what college life is like. The [Chesick Summer Institute] prepared me very well for the next four years. My expectations were definitely met.
  • …I honestly didn’t want to do it, because I was already tired from the IB program at my school. I really wanted to rest and enjoy my last summer with my high school friends. However, I realized that I would not be very productive [at home], so I decided to sign up to at least prepare myself for college. I am glad I participated because it connected me with amazing people and great academic resources.

How has your Chesick Faculty Mentor impacted your first year?

  • My mentor gave me useful advice for classes. She would always take into consideration what I would want to take, but wasn't afraid to tell me what she thought was right for me to take. She helped me deal with failure as well. My mentor always knew what to say if I didn't do quite as well as I wanted to on a test. I talk with her often, and she makes herself available whenever possible. I'd say she made feel at home here.
  • My mentor and I met once every week my first semester. Initially, we focused on choosing classes and making sure that I had a good balance between reading/writing intensive courses and the more problem solving ones. Towards the end of my first semester, we primarily checked in about how classes were going and we were looking forward to winter-break plans.... Some of the opportunities I applied to required letters of recommendation and because my mentor and I had fostered a strong connection from day one, I knew exactly who to go to. I ended up going to a trip [to Mexico] with the Center for Peace and Global Citizenship, and even figured out that college wasn't as daunting as I thought it would be. Meeting once every week seemed like a stretch at first but soon I realized my college experience would have been different without someone there to listen, encourage, and help me.
  • My mentor was there for me when I needed her the most. I felt comfortable talking to her about anything, whether personal or classroom related. She helped to foster my self-confidence and personal growth by encouraging me to always strive for my best work, and to set appropriate limits for myself. She encourages me to try things outside my comfort zone, and to really get involved in extracurriculars, and not only academics. In my mind, I see the word “mentor,” but she is more than that. We've had weekly lunches together since we first met, and the fact that she always takes time out of her busy schedule to see me really makes me feel special. My freshman year has been bumpy at times, but with the advice and genuine support from my mentor, I have been able to persevere.
  • My mentor has been a tremendous help in terms of my academic explorations, answering all my questions and addressing my concerns very informatively. An equally valuable benefit to my relationship with my mentor is the personal connection to an experienced, grounded, and infinitely compassionate adult. In my first year without the resource of parents, it was meaningful to have an adult that I trusted and respected available to me if I encountered problems.... I found my mentor to be admirably welcoming and inclusive, even inviting fellow advisees and myself over for Christmas cookies and familial introductions. Having this element of adult support was reassuring and much appreciated during a year of transition across the country from my family.