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Chemical Instrumentation at Haverford

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Other web sites

Chemistry Storage Server: Students and faculty on campus may access the Chemistry folder on the Storage Server. The folder afp:// contains instructions on how to use departmental instruments, and also forms for keeping track of hazardous waste inventory.

Chemical Inventory System. Haverford students and staff may contact Joanne Brown to get a username and password for this system (Vertere inventory management system).

Hazardous Waste Inventory Form. Use this for keeping track of contents of mixed chemical waste.

Order Form (EXCEL file download) for reagents and supplies. If you print this form out, please have it signed by a faculty member (your research mentor) and give it to Joanne Brown in KINSC room L303 (in the link near the rotunda). Or use email to send the filled out spreadsheet (be sure to save it before attaching it to your email) to Joanne Brown with cc: to the faculty member who must authorize the purchase.