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Haverford College
Department of Biology

Summer Research Opportunities

In any given summer, most Chemistry Department faculty members offer paid positions for between 1 and 5 student research assistants. Priority for these positions is usually given to Chemistry majors and/or to student who are involved with the research programs during the academic year. The best way to find out about these research opportunities is to talk directly with the faculty members; perusing the faculty web pages is a good way to find out about the type of research projects underway in each of the faculty laboratories.

Students should also consider applying for one of a number of summer research fellowships. Awards of these fellowships assures funding for a summer stipend for research in a Haverford lab over the summer. But before applying for these, you should talk with a faculty member to assure yourself that there is room in her or his lab for the type of research you wish to pursue. Here are some links for more information about summer fellowship programs at Haverford.

KINSC Summer Scholars (application deadline is usually early February)

Brian Kovaric Fund for support of research by a rising sophomore

In addition to the sources mentioned above, some faculty members have grant funding for summer research assistants, and there are also endowed funds to support paid student research assistantships. Hiring decisions for these research assistantships are generally made by individual faculty members, and different faculty members will have different application processes. Many (but not all) faculty members give preference to rising seniors who wish to continue in the faculty member's lab for senior research projects. If you are interested in one of these summer research assistantships, we suggest you talk with faculty members in the early part of the second semester, and no later than February 15 (and it is a good idea to apply for the KINSC and Beckman Scholarships, if you meet the eligibility requirements, where the deadlines are early in February).

Faculty who may have research positions for upcoming summer

If you are interested in a research position with a Chemistry department faculty member, we suggest you talk with them at the beginning of the second semester (or earlier). It is OK (and you are encouraged) to talk with more than one faculty member to tell them of your interest and to learn more about their research. They can also tell you if they have funding for research positions for the upcoming summer and what the application procedures are.

  • Karin Åkerfeldt, Organic Chemistry "Calcium-binding properties of EF-hand proteins; Design and synthesis of ion channel forming peptides, and Novel porphyrin-based biomaterials."
  • Frances Rose Blase, Organic Chemistry "The Chemical Synthesis and Analysis of Natural Products that Display Important Chemistry"
  • Lou Charkoudian, Organic Chemistry "Elucidation of bacterial biosynthetic mechanisms; developing environmentally responsible chemical tools for general organic syntheses; making novel therapeutic agents."
  • Casey Londergan, Physical Chemistry "Assessing protein conformation and flexibility using vibrational spectroscopy."
  • Alexander Norquist, Inorganic Chemistry "Hydrothermal synthesis of noncentrosymmetric metal oxide frameworks."
  • Robert C. Scarrow, Inorganic Chemistry "Modeling the reactivity of metalloproteins with oxygen and other small redox-active molecules." (not summer 2014)
  • Joshua Schrier, Computational Chemistry "Theoretical and computational chemistry of nanocrystals and nanowires."
  • Helen White, Environmental and Analytical Chemistry "Persistence of human‐derived compounds in the marine environment."

Off-campus research opportunities

Many Haverford students are able to get summer positions in off-campus academic, government, or industrial labs for the summer. Here are some resources and links to help students get started on searching for such positions. Deadlines for fellowship programs and for off-campus research programs are usually sometime in February or early March. It doesn't hurt to ask about possibilities after this time, but your chances are better if you start earlier.

  • Advertisements for such positions that come to the department chair and to other faculty members are posted in a "forum" on the "Chemistry at Haverford" Moodle site (available to all Haverford students by a self-enrollment option).
  • Haverford's Career Development Office offers helpful information on securing summer internships and employment. Their Internship and Summer Job page contains: job search tips, online database of listings, funding opportunities, and resources.
  • The American Chemical Society maintains a listing of Internships for Undergraduate Chemistry Students that contains information about many internship and co-op opportunities at industrial, academic and government research laboratories.
  • A link to the web site of National Science Foundation REU program.