A resume is a summary of your relevant experience and skills. While the layout and style of a good resume can vary greatly, there are basic guidelines to follow.

General Tips

  • Keep the resume to one page.
  • Use action words in your descriptions.
  • Use proper spacing to ensure an easy to read layout.
  • Don't use a resume template–build your own document.
  • Don't overuse fonts and font styles.
  • Proofread! Read it to yourself out loud, have a friend proof it and then drop off a copy to the CCPA for a critique.
  • Be honest about your accomplishments and achievements.
  • Save your final version as a .docx and .pdf. Include your name in the file name, such as jane-doe-resume.pdf.
Sections of a Resume

The sections on your resume will vary, depending on your background and experience.

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Resume Critique

A CCPA counselor can provide a review of your resume, cover letter, or grad/professional school essay.

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