The CCPA Networking Guide contains examples that will be useful as you craft your own correspondence, including sample Introductions & Beginning Correspondence and sample Thank You Correspondence.

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Professional Communications Etiquette

Some basic steps in writing a professional email for networking purposes (taken from our networking guide):

  1. Introduce yourself (err on the side of formality).
  2. Say how you got their contact information.
  3. Be clear about what you are seeking and state what you’d like to have happen. The art is in how you ask–you want to be concise, direct, and considerate of their time and position.
  4. Tell them you hope to gain career information and advice or information about their work environment, etc.–not help finding a job!
  5. Meetings are most effective when conducted in person, especially in the contact’s workplace, but can happen over phone, Skype or by email.
  6. Double-check spelling, grammar, and tone.
Online Reputation Management for College Grads

Online reputation management has become essential, as 92% of recruiters perform an online search of a candidate before staging a face-to-face interview.

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