Using Social Media to Network

Consider using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to network your way into a job.

LinkedIn is an incredible resource for both career exploration and the job search. You can start by simply viewing profiles of professionals (including alumni) who have similar interests, learn from their career paths, join relevant groups, and then move on to making connections, reaching out to schedule informational interviews, and using the network as a tool to advance your own career. Below are several links to get you started and to help you make the most of this helpful network.

10 Smart Ways to Use Social Media in Your Job Search
  1. Let people know you’re looking.
  2. Don’t be afraid to network on Facebook.
  3. Make sure your Facebook profile is private.
  4. Find information about hiring managers.
  5. Hyperlink your resume.
  6. Be strategic with Facebook lists.
  7. Create the connections you need to get the job.
  8. Get Google on your side.
  9. Join industry chats on Twitter.
  10. Seek out job-search advice.

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