How to Network

including Informational Interviews

Connecting with people for information and advice is an important part of your career search and exploration.

Simply, networking is getting to know people and details about the work they are engaged in. The more information you obtain from a variety of people with different perspectives, the better decisions you can make. Think of networking as developing and building relationships.

Through networking events and informational interviews, you aim to begin a relationship with a potential advocate for your future. Do your research online and make a list of organizations that you would like to work for someday. Identify someone in each department you are interested in and reach out to request a meeting. A great way to begin is with family and friends, and with alumni.

After setting up a meeting for an information interview, make sure you prepare ahead of time: research the person you will be meeting as well as their organization, prepare questions, dress appropriately, arrive early.

More in the Networking Guide

Where to Look

There are variety of ways to uncover potential contacts to reach out to for information and advice.

Haverford Resources:

Haverford Internship Network
A peer-to-peer network of Haverford students who have volunteered to talk with other students about their experiences.
The Extern Program
Shadow alumni in the workplace. Alumni Directory
Search alumni by industry, employer, location, job title.
Haverford College: LinkedIn
Haverford College's Official Career Connections Group in LinkedIn.

Other Resources:

  • Career Fairs
  • Professional Associations
  • Conferences
  • Family, Friends, Neighbors, Friends of family
  • Summer Internship and former employers