Your application has gotten you an interview. Congratulations! Now is the time for you to verbally communicate why they should hire you. Perhaps the most important key to succeeding in the interview process is to be prepared.

Questions will usually cover five areas: education, experience, career goals, skills/abilities and knowledge of the organization. It is critical to able to effectively communicate how your background is complementary to the position and the goals of the organization. The interview process is a two-way street; not only are you being interviewed, but you are interviewing them.

If you need a quiet space to have a phone or Skype interview, you can use the CCPA. Call the Office to make arrangements at 610-896-1181.

Interviewing Handbook

Our six page guide covers interview preparation, sample interview questions, interview types, day-of-the-interview advice, what to do after the interview, and much more.

Download Handbook

Interview Practice

Use CareerBeam for quick and easy interview practice by recording your own practice interviews. The CCPA also offers Mock Interview Days and individual Mock Interviews throughout the year. Please contact the office or check CareerConnect for more details.

Case Interviews and Preparation

Review the tips from these top Consulting Firms when preparing for your case interview.

Practicing Cases:

CCPA purchased 25 licenses for 25 students to use CG Interactive, an advanced on-line interactive case training developed by Mark Cosentino. CQI focuses on the skills you need to walk into the case interview well prepared and confident. Stop by CCPA to obtain a license number and the access information.

CCPA has a copy of Case in Point by Mark Cosentino in Stokes 300. We highly recommend reviewing this book in your Case Interview research.

To find people outside the Bi-Co with whom to practice, go to's "Exchange: Non-MBA Exchange Registration"