Sarah Andrade '12

Major: Political Science

What is your current job?

I am currently in law school. This summer I am working as a legal intern at Philadelphia Legal Assistance.

Why did you choose this profession?

I went to law school, because the law has always interested me. My father and brother are both attorneys and that gave me insight into what being an attorney looks like. I am currently mostly focusing on family matters. My internship allows me to help those less fortunate have the ability and knowledge to navigate the legal system in order to fight for custody of their children. It is something that I find both interesting and helpful to humanity.

What more do you wish to accomplish in your professional career?

There are so many avenues to go through in law. I am not sure yet where I will land, but I know that I want to be in the courtroom.

Tell us about a decision or change you made that turned out to be a positive career move.

I am glad that I decided to go straight through to law school. I am realizing that having evenings off would be hard to leave to go back to law school. It is better to just stick it out and continue through school.

How has Haverford influenced your professional career?

Law has such a tremendous focus on ethics, so my Haverford background is such a great advantage. It is not hard for me to consider what is the right thing to do, because it is already engrained in me. Haverford also gave me a greater sense of community and helping my fellow members of my community. It is one of the reasons I am working at Philadelphia Legal Assistance this summer, because of my need to help others.