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COVID-19 Dashboard

  • 15

    Active Cases / Student

    Updated: 1/21/2022
  • 8

    Active Cases / Employee

    Updated: 1/21/2022
  • 99.6%

    Student Initial Vaccination Rate

    Updated: 9/1/2021
  • 97.5%

    Employee Initial Vaccination Rate

    Updated: 8/26/2021
  • 93.5%

    Student Vaccination Rate with Booster

    Updated: 1/20/2022
  • 90.0%

    Employee Vaccination Rate with Booster

    Updated: 1/20/2022
Reporting Period Student Positive Tests Employee Positive Tests
01/19/2022–01/25/2022 4 0
01/12/2022–01/18/2022 13 10
01/05/2022–01/11/2022 0 13
12/29/2021–01/04/2022 6 16
12/22/2021–12/28/2021 0 0
12/15/2021–12/21/2021 2 2
12/08/2021–12/14/2021 0 0
12/01/2021–12/07/2021 6 0
11/24/2021–11/30/2021 0 0
11/17/2021–11/23/2021 0 1
11/10/2021–11/16/2021 1 0
11/03/2021–11/09/2021 0 0
10/27/2021–11/02/2021 0 0
10/20/2021–10/26/2021 0 1
10/13/2021–10/19/2021 2 0
10/06/2021–10/12/2021 1 0
09/29/2021–10/05/2021 1 2
09/22/2021–09/28/2021 0 0
09/15/2021–09/21/2021 5 3
09/08/2021–09/14/2021 9 0
09/01/2021–09/07/2021 2 2
08/25/2021–08/31/2021 3 0
08/18/2021–08/24/2021 0 0
08/01/2021–08/17/2021 0 3
Totals 55 53

*Full population snapshot conducted

About the data

  • Student "Active Cases" and "Positive Test" data include (1) surveillance tests of unvaccinated members of the student body, tested at specific time intervals, (2) point-of-care tests administered on demand when (a) students are symptomatic or suspected of having been exposed, or (b) the College is conducting targeted screening of particular cohorts, and (3) any "snapshot" tests for all vaccinated members of the student body.

  • Employee "Active Cases" and "Positive Test" data include (1) surveillance tests for all unvaccinated faculty and staff, conducted through their off-campus provider of choice, (2) symptomatic point-of-care testing for employees conducted by an off-campus provider, and (3) any "snapshot" tests for all vaccinated faculty and staff.

  • Vaccination rates for employees and students include all those who have verified vaccination to the College.  All those who have no verified vaccination must have an authorized exemption for medical or religious reasons and are subject to additional health and safety requirements including weekly testing.

COVID-19 Testing at Haverford

  • Students will be tested prior to the start of the Fall 2021 semester, upon return from Fall and Thanksgiving Breaks, and through a series of population snapshots to inform ongoing mitigation and testing strategies.
  • Faculty and staff will participate in a COVID testing snapshots at 2 and 4 weeks into the semester to inform ongoing mitigation and testing strategies.
  • Any students, faculty, or staff who received an exemption from the vaccine requirement will be tested on a weekly basis.
  • For symptomatic students, testing is available. Employees may access free testing via a medical professional or local provider/pharmacy.
  • Anyone who has a close contact (longer than 15 minutes of contact with a COVID-positive individual at a distance of less than 6 feet) must follow these rules which include obtaining a COVID test 3-5 days after exposure.
  • Regular surveillance testing is currently not required for faculty, staff, and students who are asymptomatic and vaccinated.

The COVID-19 Dashboard displays vaccine rates and positive test results for the on-campus community. We will not be sending general notifications about individual cases of COVID-19.

Please see the Be-Safe website for fuller information relating to COVID health, safety, and well-being.

COVID Testing Schedule

What Haverford Does with Positive Results


  • Students who test positive will move to isolation spaces and may leave campus if picked up by a family member.
  • The College will monitor their health throughout the process and determine when they may be cleared to return.


  • Employees who test positive must self-isolate off campus.
  • Before returning to campus, the employee must be cleared by a physician.


  • All positive student and employee test results are reported to the Montgomery County Office of Public Health.
  • The College will perform on-campus contact tracing, through which any person identified as coming into close contact with the COVID-positive individual will be notified and provided instructions.
  • As appropriate to each case, the College may notify nearby community members who are not close contacts that there has been a COVID case in their proximity and to answer questions, without disclosing the identity of the affected individual unless they have the individual’s permission.

Responding to Data

The COVID-19 Dashboard reflects the sum of positive test results for the on-campus community. We will not be sending general notifications about individual cases of COVID-19.

  • The College is tracking test results, positivity rates, and reviewing data trends on a daily basis.
  • We will use this data to determine whether additional risk-mitigating measures are necessary.
  • If additional risk-mitigating measures are deemed necessary, we will alert the community.

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