Museum Studies Minor (Bryn Mawr)

Museum Studies is a program that offers students a rich and dynamic education in both museum theory and practice. Students have the opportunities to learn about the history of museums and their roles in society as well as to engage with critical, theoretical museum scholarship. Through coursework and internships, students will also have the opportunity to gain practical hands-on experience in Bryn Mawr’s Special Collections as well as in museums in Philadelphia and beyond. This dynamic and inter-disciplinary program intersects disciplines such as the History of Art, Anthropology, Archaeology, History, Education, Cities, Biology and Geology.  The Bryn Mawr Museum Studies program aims to empower students to become significant contributors to various professions throughout museums, galleries and archives.

Curriculum & Courses

The Museum Studies program calls upon the College’s extensive collection of art and artifacts, rare books and prints, photographs and manuscripts, which facilitates research and experiential learning for students. Through Bryn Mawr’s Special Collections, students can draw upon the in-house expertise of a strong group of curators and other museum professionals working in the department.  Bryn Mawr is in close proximity to the museum-rich Philadelphia region, and students have the opportunity to work with distinguished and diverse museum professionals across the city.

  • Minor Requirements

    The requirements for the minor are six courses that include:

    • Core courses (2): “Museum Studies: History, Theory, Practice” and one course with an exhibition planning component. This can include the development of an online exhibition or an exhibition proposal.
    • Elective courses (2-3): These can be courses officially taught in museum studies as well as courses in other disciplines that include museum studies content. Students also can take advantage of relevant courses at Haverford and Swarthmore.  The Director of Museum Studies in addition to the Professor of the elective must deem the course acceptable as a museum studies course.
    • Experiential courses (1-2): Praxis courses and/or the Museum Studies Fieldwork Seminar.

    A student declares Museum Studies as a minor by meeting with the Director of Museum Studies and completing a minor work plan. The student can major in any department. Student internships in museums are considered vital “hands-on” learning opportunities for those who seek careers in museum practice.  Students will also be encouraged to seek summer museum internships.

    Museum Studies Core Courses

    • HART B281 Museum Studies: History, Theory, Practice
    • HART B316 Museum Studies Fieldwork Seminar

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