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The Haverford-Bryn Mawr minor in Educational Studies is designed for students interested in exploring teaching and learning. Our vibrant program engages students from a broad range of majors interested in an array of professional pursuits and commitments. Working closely with our talented faculty, they pursue a highly interdisciplinary curriculum that investigates cultural, political, and international dimensions of education as well as the work of facilitating learning in a range of contexts.

At every level, our challenging program links theory with practice. Each of our courses includes a field component in educational settings, from schools to community and senior centers, mental and public health settings, college access and adult learning organizations, and policy/advocacy offices.

Curriculum & Courses

We build our courses as collaborative communities in which our students learn from scholars, their own and field experiences, and each other as they study and learn to facilitate innovative approaches to education. Students emerge from our program inspired and empowered to work towards social change and justice as engaged teachers, passionate learners, curious and committed researchers, and visionary leaders.

We offer two pathways for our minors, one oriented to liberal studies and one culminating in a secondary teaching credential. The Educational Studies minor addresses students interested in the study and practice of education broadly conceived. Students in this minor often pursue graduate study in education or other social sciences; plan to teach at the elementary level or in an independent school; or seek to create a knowledge base for careers in academia, leadership, policy studies, and community development.

Minors in this pathway have significant freedom to design their curriculum and shape field experiences to fit and enlarge their interests. All minors take Critical Issues in Education, our introductory class that examines issues in U.S. education within the framework of educational transformation. Our Field Work Seminar, which brings minors together to reflect on their ongoing fieldwork using the framework of theories of change, is also required. In addition to these two required classes, minors select four education courses, one of which can be taught by faculty in other departments.

Minors planning a career in secondary education enroll in the Secondary Teacher Certification pathway. Our program is accredited to prepare students for certification in biology, chemistry, Earth and Space Sciences, English, mathematics, physics, social studies, and world languages. Students in this minor take Critical Issues in Education, as well as five required education courses. Additional requirements include: completion of a major in the area in which they seek certification, additional course work within the major, English and math courses, and a semester of full-time teaching. Alumni/nae of Haverford and Bryn Mawr Colleges are also eligible to pursue teacher certification through our program as post-bac students at significantly reduced tuition.

Students interested in pursuing a master’s degree in Education and an elementary or secondary teacher certification have the option of sub-matriculating into Penn’s Graduate School of Education.

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