Courses: Drawing the Line: Autobiography as Graphic Narrative (WRPRH155A01)

Fall 2013

In this course we will read a range of graphic novels that play out different modes of narrating one’s own life, from origin stories rivaling those of DC or Marvel superheroes, to war reportage as problematic witness. Comics invite us into the “gutter” (the formal term for the space between panels), and so reframe our vision as they draw upon visual iconographies that encode as well as subvert cultural norms. We will investigate the ways in which different works cast authorial voice and experience, even as we attend to rhetorical constructions of gender, class, race, and national identity. Students in this course will also work closely with visiting resident artist Pato Hebert, whose own work explores graphic novels as sites of transformative practice. Comics help us to see the world differently, and Hebert’s artistry, together with the exposure to graphic novels in this course, offer new vistas of envisioning one’s own life story.

Prerequisites: Open only to Frist-Year Students as assigned by the Director of College Writing

Fulfills: HU FW Limit:12


Haverford, Stokes 207

Meeting Times

TTh 11:30-1:00