Courses: Saints and Sinners. Musical Europe before 1400 (MUSCH220A01)

Fall 2013

The course will explore music and its cultural uses in Medieval Europe. We will study the main genres and forms of in secular and sacred contexts, from monasteries, convents, and cathedrals, to courts and cities. We will trace the changing character of music itself, from plainsong to polyphonic and from troubadour tunes to art song of the 14th century, in works by figures like Hildegard, Leonin, Machaut, Landini, and Vitry. We will study transformations in musical notation, theoretical underpinnings of musical time and counterpoint, and the status of music itself in the divine cosmos. We will also pause to put all of this in the context of current scholarship and historical performance practice.

Prerequisites: Any full-credit course in Music (such as Music 110, 111, 229, 203), or equivalent prior experience in musical study.

Fulfills: HU


Music (Web site)

Taught By

Richard Freedman (Profile)


Haverford, Union 114

Meeting Times

MW 11:30-1:00