Courses: Reproductive Health and Justice (ICPRH311C01)

Fall 2013

Seminar analyzing disparities in reproductive health outcomes, access to sexual health care, and protections of reproductive rights within Nicaragua and the United States. This course will meet from Oct 29 thru Dec 10, 2013, and from Jan 21 thru Mar 4, 2014, with a required winter break delegation to Nicaragua Jan 9 thru 18, 2014. Permission of the Instructor will be based on a written application, which can be obtained by emailing the course Professor Please note: NO NEW ENROLLMENTS FOR THIS COURSE. ONLY THOSE STUDENTS CURRENTLY ENROLLED IN THIS COURSE MUST RE-ENROLL FOR SEM 2.

Prerequisites: Permission of the instructor; one 200 or 300-level course in Gender and Sexuality Studies or in Peace, Justice and Human Rights.

Fulfills: SO Limit:15


Haverford, CPGC Cafe

Meeting Times

T 7:30pm-10:00pm