Courses: Case Studies in Environmental Issues: Concepts, Contexts, & Conundrums (ENVSH101A01)

Fall 2013

The course offers a cross-disciplinary introduction to environmental studies. Tracing an arc from historical analysis to practical engagement, distinctive approaches to key categories of environmental inquiry are presented: political ecology, earth science, energy, economics, public health, ecological design, sustainability, policy, and environmental ethics. Basic concepts, such as thermodynamics, biodiversity, cost-benefit analysis, scale, modernization, enclosure, the commons, and situational ethics, are variously defined and employed within specific explorations of environmental challenges in the modern world. Students should note that no divisional credit will be awarded for this course.

Syllabus: View course syllabus

Prerequisites: Not open to students who have taken BM's two intro courses in ENVS as well as BM's current ENVS 101.

Fulfills: Limit:40


Haverford, Shrp Aud

Meeting Times

MW 11:30-1:00