Courses: Arts Foundation-Sculpture (ARTSH104E01)

Fall 2013

This is a seven week, half semester course designed to provide an introduction to three dimensional concepts and techniques. Skills associated with organizing and constructing three-dimensional form will be addressed through a series of projects within a contemporary context. The first projects will focus on basic three-dimensional concepts, while later projects will allow for greater individual self-expression and exploration. Various fabrication skills including construction, modeling, basic mold making, and casting will be demonstrated in class. All fabrication techniques will be covered in detail in class, and no prior experience is required to successfully complete this course. Important: ARTSH106(Foundation Drawing 3D) is the first half of each semester and ARTSH104 (Foundation Sculpture) is the second half of each semester. Students interested in taking Foundation Sculpture must attend the first day of ARTSH106 Foundation Drawing to enter lotto for Foundation Sculpture. If unable to attend first class of the semester email the professor.

Prerequisites: Overenrollment will be determined by lottery conducted by Prof. on the first day of class.

Fulfills: HU III Limit:15


Fine Arts (Web site)

Taught By

Markus Baenziger (Profile)


Haverford, Arts 8A

Meeting Times

M 1:00-4:00