Chinese Language Minor

The Haverford-Bryn Mawr Chinese language minor offers undergraduates a demanding program that embraces the full range of communication skills—speaking, listening, reading, and writing—in Mandarin Chinese. Our program addresses the needs of undergraduates just beginning to learn the language as well as those who arrive at Haverford with several years of language experience.

Our classes are known for rigor in a nurturing learning environment that is tailored to the needs of each student. With interest in the Chinese language growing among students in all areas of study, our minor is fast becoming home to one of the most academically diverse groups of undergraduates at the College.

Curriculum & Courses

Chinese minors are required to take six semesters of Chinese language courses after matriculation at the college, and be proficient at least in Third-Year Chinese at graduation. In addition to First-, Second-, and Third-Year Chinese, we offer Advanced Chinese, a series of semester-long courses covering contemporary topics such as food, music, and language, film, and China in World War II . Students who enter the minor with Second-Year or higher language experience can hone their skills—and meet their course requirement—with multiple courses in the Advanced Chinese series. We also welcome undergraduates who come to the minor able to speak Chinese but with limited or no training in reading or writing the language. For them, we offer a specialized year-long program, the completion of which enables them to enroll in Second-Year Chinese.

  • Minor Requirements

    The EALC Department certifies three minors: Chinese language, Japanese language, and Global Asia.

    • The Chinese language and Japanese language minors both require six language courses. Students must take at least four language courses in our Bi-Co programs, and can take at most two at the Quaker Consortium or our approved off-campus domestic or Study Abroad programs. (Please consult the language program directors for details.) Students must maintain a 3.0 or above for each of the six language courses for the minor.
    • The EALC Department hosts an interdisciplinary Global Asia minor for students who are majoring in other fields but are interested in consolidating their study of Asia or its diasporas from a variety of perspectives. The minor requires six courses centrally concerned with Asia, at least one of which is at the 300 level. They may be drawn from any department in the Quaker Consortium. Those interested in minoring in Asian Studies should consult with the convener (currently Professor Smith at Haverford) no later than the fall of their senior year.

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