Summer Study and Domestic Study Away

Students wishing to study overseas during the summer do not need to seek CSSP approval to do so. In addition, students wishing to study at another institution in the United States, either in the summer or during the academic year, also do not need the permission of CSSP.

Students interested in pursuing summer study abroad or study in the United States during the regular academic year still need to consult their dean regarding other college requirements for domestic study out of residence, and are required to complete and file the appropriate permission form before they embark on such programs:

Students should be aware that, if the relevant Bi-Co department chair does not grant prior approval of summer courses—either those taken domestically or abroad—or courses taken at an institution outside the Tri-Co/UPenn system during the academic year, they will in all likelihood not be granted Haverford academic credit for such work, and CSSP is not likely to approve petitions requesting retroactive approval of such courses.

Please note that students can study abroad during the regular academic year only through the pre-approved programs administered through Haverford's Office of International Academic Programs. For more information, please consult the International Programs web site or contact Dean Donna Mancini, director of Academic Programs. Under no circumstances will CSSP entertain petitions for permission to study abroad during the academic year through programs that are not already approved by Dean Mancini's office.

Students should also be aware that they cannot fulfill the Foreign Language Requirement during the summer.

The Foreign Language Requirement can be fulfilled during the academic year only through study at Haverford, Bryn Mawr, Swarthmore, the University of Pennsylvania, or a foreign study program administered through Haverford's Office of International Academic Programs.

Finally, please note that CSSP will not, under any circumstances, entertain petitions for permission to fulfill the language requirement during the summer; the Bryn Mawr Pisa program is the only such opportunity approved by the Faculty of Haverford College, and CSSP has no jurisdiction to make exceptions to the rules governing the Foreign Language Requirement.