Student band "Luftwaffe" releases vinyl EP Quiet Summer through the Humanities Center's Student Arts Fund

Copies of the Student Arts Fund-supported Luftwaffe EP Quiet Summer will be freely available to students starting Saturday evening, 2/19/11 in the E-Haus (Apartment 15) Common Room. More info:

Pressed LOUD on 7" vinyl, Luftwaffe's debut EP Quiet Summer is an underwater drum circle led by Arthur Russell fronting Spacemen 3. Hazy, ethereal, wistful, yearning, drone-drenched, sun-kissed, blissed-out--we can't use any of these, because songs "Never Let Me Go," "Old Friends," and "Warm Blood" remind us that 'chillwave' isn't actually even a real word. Guitars, drums, sighs: file under unintentionally supernatural.

Recorded by Bennett Smith '11 & Toby Altman. Art by Sam Kaplan '10. Sponsored by the Humanities Center's Student Arts Fund.

Video: Feb.19, 2011 Release Party