Past Publications

Body Text

  • Volume 1, 2011-2012
    "One little room, an everywhere": Spatial Dynamics and the Divine Potential of Love and Mind in John Donne's The Sunne Rising
    David Richardson '12
    "The Cycles of Presidential History: Where Are We Now?"
    Hannah Solomon-Strauss '12
    "Myth and Its Double: Re-reading, Re-vision, and Repetition in Angela Carter's The Sadeian Woman"
    Karina Puttieva '11
    "Unpeeling Wallpaper: Women's Voices Beneath the Pattern of Domesticity, 1860-1935"
    Maggie Goddard '11
    "The Language of Built Form as a Blueprint for Comedy in Plautus' Mostellaria and Miles Gloriosus"
    Mara Miller '10
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    "Beuys and Chardin: On Immortality and Inheritance"
    Kimberly L. Wegel '12
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  • Volume 2, Spring 2013, Deploying Terror
    Wall Unit
    Phil Lique (with commentary from Margin Editorial Board)
    Myla Haider
    Daniel Heyman
    Kole Welsch
    Daniel Heyman
    They Put Me in an Animal Cage
    Daniel Heyman
    “It Is Difficult”
    Daniel Heyman
    White Men
    Margaret Roleke
    Margaret Roleke
    Eagle (Cowboys and Indians)
    Margaret Roleke
    Razed City, Rebuilding Men: Deploying Fireman and Hijacker Bodies and Constructing the Post-9/11 World
    Waleed Shahid
    Mr. Rogers
    Asa Zimbabwe
    Amazon Drone Reviews
    compiled by the Margin Editorial Board
    Phil Lique
    Gerald Saladyga
    Gerald Saladyga
    He Could Tie It to a Tree Branch
    Andrew Ridker
    Phil Lique
    Crisis on Infinite Pages: Disaster, Gender, and the Blockbuster Comic Book Cross-over in Post-9/11 America
    David DiPietro
  • Volume 1, May 2012, Divas
    Samuel Fox '14
    "Safety First"
    Nike Desis
    "Putting the Sirens to Sleep": Ancient Divas and MTV Sirens
    Hannah Silverblank '12
    "The Mermaid Eftalya"
    Gail Holst-Warhaft
    "Reasons I Don't Use the Word Diva #1 and #14"
    Jane Holloway '11
    "The Presentation of Fame in Everyday Life: The Case of Lady Gaga"
    Mathieu Deflem
    "Curly is a Diva"
    "Portrait of the Abbess as a Pop-Culture Diva: How Hildegard became a New Age Superstar and Why it Makes Me So Nervous"
    Maud McInerney
    "DR in Human/Pleiadian Form"
    K-Fai Steele
    "Madeline Kahn and a Bottle of Bread"
    Alex Sugiura
    "i just wanna b free"

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    Divas Conference

    Organized by Hannah Silverblank '12 in conjunction with the release of Margin's inaugural issue on divas, this conference brought together scholars to consider divadom and its permutations across literature, sociology, history, and gender and sexuality studies.

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Haverford Journal

The Haverford Journal was founded in the spring of 2004 by Robert Schiff in an effort to showcase some of Haverford's best student work in the humanities and social sciences. In the spring of 2012, the Editorial Board re-imagined the Journal as two complementary publications: Body Text and Margin.

  • Volume 5, 2009-10
    "Atlantic Creoles and the Birth of African American Culture"
    Daniel Sacks '09
    "Don't Bite the Hand that Feeds You"
    David Fischer '10
    "A Different Kind of Peace"
    Jacob Waters '10
    "Echoes and Cycles of Faith in Coleridge's "Frost at Midnight""
    Maddie Hoagland-Hanson '11
    "Image, Text, and the Barthesian Haiku"
    Conall Cash '08
    "Turning Turk"
    David Thorstad '12
    "Empowered Yet Limited"
    Anna Provitola '11

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  • Volume 4, 2008-2009
    "Who Owns History?"
    Michael Grant '07
    "The Witness in the Martyr's Mirror"
    Ryan Pirtle-McVeigh '07
    "Colonialist Ideas in an Un-Colonial Place"
    Samuel S. Dalke '07
    "Self-Deception in Suburbia"
    Emily Taber '07

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  • Volume 3, April 2007
    "The Cultural Politics of British Opposition to Italian Opera, 1706-1711"
    Veronica Faust '06
    "Childbirth in Medieval Art"
    Kate Phillips '06
    "Baudrillard, Devo, and the Postmodern De-evolution of the Simulation"
    James Weissinger '06
    "Politics and the Representation of Gender and Power in Rubens's The Disembarkation at Marseille from The Life of Marie de' Medici"
    Aaron Wile '06

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  • Volume 2, February 2006
    "Why the Supreme Court of New York is Not the Supreme Court of New York"
    Bryan T. Camp '82
    "Self-(Un)Conscious Narrative of the Female Body"
    Hilary Franklin '05
    "History is What Hurts"
    Ross Lerner '06
    "The Crossroads"
    Lindsey Dolich '06
    "Diamond Matchbooks"
    Marisa Wilairat '05

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  • Volume 1, February 2005
    "Rethinking the 'L Word'"
    Dr. Kevin Mattson
    "Arms and Love"
    Robin Dean '04
    "Southward Ho"
    Scott Simpson '04
    "The Course of a Particular"
    Sandra Read-Brown '04
    "Percevalian Mediaevalism"
    Erin Tremblay '04
    "Bayard Rustin"
    Rachel Moston '04

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