Review the following guidelines 4 weeks before you travel as arrangements may be necessary. Consult your or specific information and recommendations related to your devices services.

  • Wi-Fi hotspotsPublic access points can be found in airports, parks, coffee shops, etc.
  • International calling/wireless — Depending on your planned usage, you can compare the usage rates among these three options: international plan, international roaming, or renting a phone for your destination. You also can choose to purchase a Sim card to install in your phone.
  • International dialing codes — International calls require specific country codes.
  • Power adapters/converters — Power voltage varies between countries and may require adapters for your electronic devices.
  • Remote access to Haverford IT resources — Check with IITS for requirements to access systems remotely.
  • Computer repair — Check the warranty status of your computer, which may include support services such as repairs or technical support.