Welcome home, and welcome back to Haverford!

These resources are focused on students returning from a study abroad experience, but they will be useful to any traveler. Learn more about the steps to a successful re-entry, how to connect with others who have been abroad, and what opportunities exist to return overseas.

Returning Overseas

Interested in venturing abroad again? Haverford can connect you to a variety of programs that can help you continue your abroad connection, both here and on the Departments Sponsoring International Travel page. There are also numerous resources online for further study or work opportunities internationally.

Consider these three avenues of returning abroad:

  1. Scholarships and Fellowships—For current students and alumni, scholarships and fellowships can help fund research, work, study, or volunteering abroad. Fulbright, Boren, Rhodes, and Churchill scholarships are among the opportunities available. Many of these programs require official nomination by Haverford.
  2. Work/Volunteer Abroad—The Center for Career and Professional Advising maintains a list of funding opportunities. The CCPA staff are also available to advise students interested in working or volunteering abroad.
  3. Graduate Study Abroad—Use the country based search or talk to a career counselor at the CCPA. Also consider fellowship and scholarship opportunities as there are many programs that can help fund graduate study work.
Re-Entry Guide

Explore the re-entry process and student tips for making a successful transition back to the United States and Haverford College.