• LAST BLUE BUS: 5/15, 6:20 p.m. HC to BMC
  • LAST BMC/SC VAN: 5/15, 6:10 p.m. SC to BMC
  • LAST HC/SC VAN: 5/15, 5:50 p.m. SC to HC




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Sign Up For Battlefield: Nerf!

It's time again for Battlefield Nerf! Darts will fly, chaos will ensue, and champions will be crowned.
The event will take place on Saturday, November 16, and sign-ups are live now!
Sign up here.
*Note that you must be logged into your Haverford email account to sign up!
Teams can be comprised of any mixture of students, staff, and/or faculty. For those new to BFN, or in need of a refresher here is what it's all about:
Simply pick a team name, team captain, and up to five other players for your team. After this, your captain will get all the important info about match times!
Rules of the Game:
1. The objective is to pound the other team into the ground by any means necessary, so long as that means is nerf darts being fired from nerf guns.
2. The game is played between two teams.
3. Any number of team members may participate in the battle, with a maximum of six players per team.
4. The game is played on the honor system; if you get shot, you are done, and you call yourself out.
5. If you take a dart to the gun, that gun is destroyed.
6. Once an entire team has been eliminated, the round is over.
7. The matches will be best two of three rounds.
The tournament will be single elimination!
1st place - Six $10 Gift Cards to Chipotle and BFN Shirts
2nd place - BFN Shirts
3rd place - Six $5 Gift Cards to Kiwi
It should be pretty awesome, so sign up your team and come play some Nerf!
Questions? E-mail Leeser, one of the Student Activities Office interns, at