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"Transition in the Middle East," a MEIS Roundtable

Wednesday, January 30, 4:30 p.m.
Stokes 102 - Humanities Center

"Transition in the Middle East: Insights from Africa and Latin America," a roundtable discussion sponsored by the Faculty Working Group on the Middle East and Islamic Studies.
Anita Issacs and Susanna Wing, both professors in the Political Science Department at Haverford, will lead a roundtable discussion, "Transition in the Middle East: Insights from Africa and Latin America."

Early optimism about the prospects of democratization following the Arab Spring revolution is diminishing as the countries of the region struggle with the transition process and Islamist parties promote visions that are not fully compatible with the values of Western liberal democracies. To get a deeper and more nuanced objective understanding of the transitions in the Middle East we turn to the experience of countries in Latin American and Africa which have undergone transitions from authoritarian rule for insights.

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