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Hurricane Sandy Relief


Dear Friends, Colleagues and Haverford Community Members,
The tremendous damage caused by Hurricane Sandy to our region is still coming into focus. What is clear is that the cost, while astronomical in financial terms, has also been all too human, with many lives lost and thousands more disrupted or irrevocably altered. I suspect you each know someone for whom recovery remains but a distant hope.
Many of you have already found ways to help, and I know others are looking for ways to do so. The most valuable thing we can provide right now is money, directed to responsible relief organizations with the ability to deliver help on the ground. I hope you will each consider contributing here at the College, and we will direct your donations directly to those relief agencies.
I thank you all in advance for doing what you can to support those in need.
Joanne Creighton
Interim President
From the 8th Dimension Office, the Center for Peace & Global Citizenship,and the Student Activities Office:
On October 29, 2012, many states on the East Coast were devastated by the high winds and heavy tidal surges generated by Hurricane Sandy, the worst storm to hit the region in recent memory. As communities struggle to rebuild the infrastructure wiped away by the storm, individuals displaced from their homes (many of whom lost nearly everything) attempt to return to normal. However, our neighbors still need emergency help, food, shelter and other resources! We are asking members of the Haverford community who would like to support this rebuilding effort to consider making a donation to the American Red Cross.
Contributions can be sent via campus mail to the 8th Dimension Office in Founders 318. Please make all checks out to: “8th Dimension” (on the memo line please put: “Sandy Relief/ARC”). All donations will go directly to the American Red Cross National Office, where they are coordinating the relief operations. Anyone wishing to donate cash can bring money directly to the 8th Dimension Office (Founders 318), and we will provide you with a receipt. No matter how small, every donation will be appreciated!
The deadline to submit donations is Friday, December 21st. If more information is needed, feel free to contact:  Marilou Allen
8th Dimension (Founders 318) or (610) 896-1183
Parker Snowe
CPGC (Stokes 107B) or (610) 896-1353
Lilly Lavner
Student Activities (Chase 215) or (610) 896-1228
Many thanks for your support!