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Camps & Conferences: Safety & Security

Blue Light

You can dial campus numbers from Blue Light Phones all over campus (there are 51 of them). Call your roommate if you lock yourself out — or press the red button to connect to Safety and Security's emergency line immediately.

As part of that larger community, the College shares many of the same interests and problems, including concern about crime.

Haverford has experienced minimal problems to date with crime on campus. While staying on campus, participants are strongly encouraged to keep doors and windows locked, be aware of their surroundings and report any suspicious activity to security.

Haverford College understands the concern of participants and accepts its responsibility to employ security measures to ensure that all participants enjoy their time at Haverford as free as possible from any threats to their safety or well-being. Haverford College is dedicated to keeping the campus a secure and healthy place to live, work, and study.

Our office is located on the first floor of the Douglas B. Gardner '83 Athletic Center. This building is located along McIntosh Road, next to the South Visitors Parking Lot and behind the John C. Whitehead Campus Center. The dispatch center is open 24/7.

There are also 40 blue-light security phones around campus. There is at least one phone outside each dorm and they are also placed on campus buildings, pathways, and fields. The phones outside dorms have keypads which can be used to make on-campus calls. Each phone has a red button which, when pressed, dials security directly.

Emergency Procedure Emergency Procedure

While the College has not received or been alerted to any specific threats to the campus, we want to assure the community that we remain vigilant in maintaining the highest security measures possible at this time of higher national alert.

In the event of an actual emergency, the campus community will be notified through a variety of mechanisms including the Web, e-mail, voice mail, and personal contact. The College also has an Emergency Procedures Plan in place to address quickly and effectively any situation that might arise. This plan is reviewed and updated regularly by the President's senior staff.

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All participants are also reminded to be aware of suspicious behavior and circumstances such as unauthorized people in restricted areas and abandoned parcels, bags, vehicles or other items. Anyone wishing to report suspicious activity should contact Safety and Security at (610) 896-1111.