IFSA Butler Mendoza

  • Location: Mendoza, Argentina
  • Language of Instruction: Spanish
  • Minimum GPA: 3.0
  • Class Eligibility: Sophomores, juniors, and seniors.


In the heart of the wine-producing region of Cuyo lies Mendoza, a beautiful, green city with a bustling downtown and tranquil, well-kept neighborhoods. The city itself has a lively atmosphere thanks to its great dining and entertainment scenes. Students will discover many museums, theatres, outdoor markets, and nightclubs in this charming city. Mendoza and the area surrounding it are a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Its position at the foot of the Andes Mountains puts it right next to some of the world’s best skiing.

  • Visa:

    Required upon arrival.

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  • Fees: Students pay Haverford tuition, room and full board to Haverford College. Haverford will then be responsible for submitting payments to the program.

  • Requirements

    Applicants are expected to have the ability to participate in a Spanish language classroom. Students must have completed the equivalent of 4 semesters of college level courses (through intermediate Spanish). It is preferred that students be enrolled in a Spanish course the semester before they are expected to study abroad. The application requirements can be found on the IFSA-Butler website.

    Academic Credit

    Students are required to complete 15 credit hours each semester. Of those 15 credits, all IFSA students must take a 4 credit language/culture course called “Advanced Spanish and Argentine Culture” that starts during orientation. Major, minor, and concentration transfer credit will only be granted for courses in which students received a grade of a C or above.


    The Universidad Nacional de Cuyo offers a full liberal arts curriculum; it is particularly renowned for its Pine and performing arts departments; art, music, and dance students from throughout Latin America study at UNC. The politics, economics, and literature departments are also well respected. The Universidad de Congreso is a small, private university located in downtown Mendoza. Popular subject areas include economics, international relations, architecture, tourism, and others. UC also offers students the possibility to take classes in the Instituto Frederic Chopin, specializing in subjects related to art such as dance, acting, drawing, and culture. Students supplement their coursework with a mandatory Spanish Language and Argentine Culture course designed especially for IFSA-Butler students.

    Course Highlights

    Accounting, Anthropology, Archeology, Architecture and Planning, Business, Computer Science, Drama, Theater, Economics, Education, Environmental Science, Finance, Fine Arts, Geography, Graphic Design, History, International Business, Journalism, Latin American Studies, Linguistics, Literature, Marketing, Mathematics, Music, Music Performance, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology, Spanish, Statistics, Tourism

    Note: Changes occur frequently. Students are responsible for finding the classes they need and consulting the official site of the institution.

    Review the Full Academic Requirements for Studying Abroad

  • Non-Academic Overview

    Orientation: Students arrive in Buenos Aires for an initial orientation then fly to Mendoza to complete the orientation and move into housing.

    Number of Students: The Universidad Nacional de Cuyo has about 38,000 students and the Universidad de Congreso has about 2,500. Between 30 and 45 students normally attend the Butler program.

    Housing/Meal Plans

    Homestay. Haverford students may not opt for housing not arranged by the program. Students receive three meals per day every day. IFSA Butler only places one student with each host family for maximum cultural immersion and language acquisition.

    Opportunities / Cultural Events

    Sports: Basketball, fencing, handball, hockey, karate, mountaineering, rowing, soccer, softball, swimming, table tennis, tennis, tae kwon-do, women’s volleyball.

    Volunteering: Students report that even volunteering a few hours per week enhanced their study abroad experience by providing them with access to the local culture and a deeper understanding of problems that face Argentines on a daily basis. Opportunities to volunteer are available for IFSA Butler students in many different Pields such as human rights organizations, animal protection, working with rural communities, and others. Past placements in Mendoza have included working with such organizations as Utopia (not-for-proPit marketing agency that assists other not-for-proPits with small budgets and developing marketing materials), Redes Nueva Frontera (HIV/AIDS assistance and counseling center), and Cuento Contigo (works with troubled youth). In Mendoza, Butler arranges several excursions for students, which are included in the program fee.


Insurance: All IFSA Butler programs include comprehensive accident and illness insurance. The insurance is included in the program fees and is mandatory for every IFSA Butler student.

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  • Semester/Year
  • Semester I: Mid-July to mid-December
  • Semester II: Mid-February to mid-July
  • Year: Mid-July to mid-July
Application Deadlines
  • Semester I: November 1
  • Semester II: April 1
  • Year: March 1
Faculty Contact

Graciela Michelotti

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