Oxford and Cambridge

Haverford allows students to attend these universities through yearlong Junior Year Abroad programs (JYA). The only exception is the second-semester program at Pembroke College, Cambridge University. Students may apply for study at one of Haverford's partner colleges or at any of the non-partner colleges which accept visiting students for full year study.

All applicants must attend the mandatory Oxbridge Information Session (usually held in October) and complete the Intent to Study Abroad form by November 5th of their sophomore year for entrance to Oxford or Cambridge the following September of their Junior year.

Students applying to the Oxbridge Colleges must have a cumulative GPA of 3.7 (no exceptions) and 3.7 (minimum) GPA in the subject they wish to study. Please note that most colleges require higher GPAs in the intended area of study. Students typically study only one subject.

Partner Colleges

Haverford has agreements with several partner colleges at both Oxford and Cambridge. Students must be nominated by the International Academic Programs Oxbridge Faculty Nominating Committee.

If a student chooses to apply to a partner college and is accepted, he or she is required to attend, and will not be permitted to return to Haverford if he or she withdraws from the program before completion. No early departures for any reason, including internship opportunities. Students will be responsible for all unrecoverable expenses. The application itself is a binding contract, thus students may only apply to one partner college. The multi-step internal nomination process is designed to assist well-equipped students in completing the best possible application for JYA at Oxford or Cambridge. Students will receive specific instructions about the internal nominating process at the Mandatory Oxbridge Information Session. Students who do not attend the session will not be considered for nomination.

Internal Application

All students must complete Haverford's internal application first.

Submit Application


Details on the nomination and application process for Oxford and Cambridge Colleges

Download Procedures


Program requirements (including GPA), fees, dates, and application procedures.

Oxford Requirements


Program requirements (including GPA), fees, dates, and application procedures.

Cambridge Requirements

Non-Partner Colleges

Students may decide to apply directly to a non-partner college at Oxford or Cambridge. Qualified students should consider the advantages and disadvantages of each option. When applying to a partner or non-partner college, students should make sure that the college accepts JYA students for their intended area of study. Many colleges are unable to accept visiting students for study in oversubscribed subjects. Colleges also restrict the number of JYA students who attend; sometimes a college will only accept a single JYA applicant from across the entire globe.