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Haverford College
Department of Spanish

Welcome to Spanish at Haverford

The department of Spanish aims to give students a thorough knowledge of the Spanish language and the ability to understand and interpret Spanish and Spanish American texts and cultures.

Why Spanish at Haverford: Curriculum

Our courses adopt a variety of approaches, including literary studies, film and media studies, social history, the history of ideas, sociolinguistics, the study of politics and popular culture, and fiction-writing.

Why Spanish at Haverford: Events

Regular extracurricular activities organized by the department include films, lectures, readings, performances and other special cultural events, in addition to senior work presentations.

Why Spanish at Haverford: Study Abroad

The department encourages students to spend a semester or a year studying in a Spanish-speaking context, either in Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina, and Chile.

Why Spanish at Haverford: Post Graduation

The importance of being linguistically but culturally fluent in Spanish is reflected in the diverse career paths chosen by our majors and minors who have gone to careers in government, law, business, international affairs, education, journalism, medicine, and the arts, among others.

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    Ayotzinapa's 43 Disappeared Students

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