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Haverford College
Department of Spanish


The department of Spanish aims to give students a thorough knowledge of the Spanish language and the ability to understand and interpret Spanish and Spanish American texts and cultures. In order to accomplish these general goals, the department offers a broad range of courses:

  1. Elementary and Intermediate language courses, which introduce and develop the basics of the language and emphasize the active use of Spanish for communication and understanding of the cultures that use it. Please note that language courses taught in the Spanish department require attendance to all classroom sessions and all tutorials. Successful language learning demands continuous study and practice, and tutorials provide crucial complementary activities to fulfill this goal. Classroom and tutorial participation are integral parts of the coursework and therefore will be part of the final grade (Spanish 001-002, 100, 101, and 102).
  2. Language instruction is followed by courses in literature, film, culture and civilization, and linguistics that introduce writers and significant themes as well as further develop Spanish language skills in reading, writing, speaking, and oral comprehension (Spanish courses at the 200 level).
  3. Advanced offerings that explore in greater depth a specific line of inquiry, literary, cultural or historical issue, or theme in Spanish and Spanish American writing and thought (Spanish courses at the 300 level).
  4. Courses taught in English, with readings in English or English translation, which aim to bring to a wider audience and across disciplinary boundaries important themes, issues, and accomplishments of the Spanish-speaking world (e.g.: Spanish/General Programs 240: Latin American and Iberian Culture and Civilization; Spanish/Comparative Literature 250: Quixotic Narratives).

All students are expected to enroll in Spanish department courses at the level of placement as determined by the department at the beginning of every academic year. On occasion, requests by individual students to be moved to a higher or lower placement level will be considered, after close and detailed consultation with the student’s advisor, the course instructor, and the department chairperson. Placement test results are otherwise mandatory.