Ramón García Castro

Associate Professor, Department Chair

Hall Building 110

I have been a member of the Department of Spanish since 1972. Before that I taught at La Salle University and I was a Research Assistant at the Centro de Investigaciones de Literatura Comparada of the University of Chile in Santiago, Chile, where I obtained my degree as Teacher of English. In 1966 I got an A.M. in Comparative Literature from Harvard University and in 1972 I completed a Ph. D. in Romance Languages at the Universiy of Pennsylvania with a thesis on the uses of time in the works of Cuban writer Alejo Carpentier.


Research Interests

I have done research on how painting is incorporated into contemporary Spanish American fictional prose. I am also interested in Gender Studies, focusing on the representation of the male body in contemporary prose in Spanish America and on the ways in which gender and sexual dynamics have been inscribed into novels and short fiction.



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