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I have taught in the Haverford College Department of Spanish since 1991. Before that, I was an instructor in the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures and the History and Literature Concentration at Harvard. I received my B.A. in Sociology at Kenyon College, my M.A. at Vanderbilt University in Spanish Literature, and an A.M. and Ph.D. in Romance Languages and Literatures from Harvard University, (1992) with a dissertation on the captivity narratives of the Spanish American Colonial period.


Roberto Castillo Sandoval

Research and Writing Interests

My scholarly training and focus is in Colonial Spanish American Literature and Historiography. I wrote my dissertation on captivity narratives, particularly on the Cautiverio feliz, a Seventeenth-Century text written by a Chilean-born Spanish soldier captured by the so-called Araucanian Indians. I am also interested in Nineteenth-Century Latin American political and literary thought; Ethnic, Race, and National Identity in Spanish America; Historical Fictions; Literature of Exile; Popular Culture; Music and Politics. I am also interested in Creative Fiction Writing.

My first novel, Muriendo por la dulce patria mía, was published by Planeta in 1998. The book is available at the Haverford College Bookstore and at Amazon Books. You can access an interview by Verónica Cortínez in Mester Literary Journal, of UCLA, in pdf format. You may also find some articles and reviews:

La Tercera, 17 de junio de 1998/La Tercera, 25 de junio de 1998/Hoy, 3 de agosto de 1998/ Qué Pasa, 6 de julio de 1998, Caras, 24 de julio de 1998.

Proyecto Sherezade at Princeton University has included one of my short stories, "Acabo de mundo", in their site. A more recent short-fiction piece, "Another Chance: Postal de Cool New Shork", can be found at Escáner Cultural

My opinion columns appear in Revista El Sábado of El Mercurio of Santiago, Chile. You can access them here:


"Bin Laden y el americano feo"
"País de poetas"
"Escolar ladrando a la luna"
"Habanera en tres tiempos"
"Liliput conquista Europa"
"No pasa nada"


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