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Haverford College
Department of Sociology

Curriculum: Senior Thesis

The major in Sociology culminates in a year-long senior thesis. When you enroll in one of our courses, you buy into the framework that we have defined. This is the case even if you disagree and argue against that framework and the arguments we make within it. In your senior thesis, we buy into your framework. You undertake a piece of independent research that we view as a "masterwork," the completion of your apprenticeship. Our task is to facilitate the work you want to accomplish. In addition to meeting with your primary advisor, either individually or as a group, we also meet several times a semester as a Department, with the entire Faculty and all of our senior majors. These meetings give students the opportunity to make more formal presentations of their work, beginning with a problem formulation and culminating with a presentation of their completed theses.

Recent Senior Theses in Sociology

Howe Nora 2014 Cultural Codes and Emotional Expression: The New Racism in Psychiatric Interviews
Vejr Jakob 2014 Toward Equity: The Rationalization of Inequality under the Utilitarian Logic of Protestantism and the Alternative Sociological Logic of Confucianism
Thorn Joshua 2014 The Carceral State and the Welfare State: Traditional Racism and New Racism in the Context of Mass Incarceration
Stadler Christopher 2014 Crisis and Resolution in the Development of Judaism
Brashear Hilary 2014 Birthing Contradictions: Midwifery as a Profession and a Social Movement
Wistman Helen 2014 Feminine Aggression
Hughes Maisy 2013 Insanity in the Age of Conformity: Expressive Individualism in the Public Sphere
Ikeda Daniel 2013 Instrumental Activism at the End of Life: Theorizing the Role of American Culture in the Provision of Aggressive Medical Care
Liu Lisa 2013 To "Act White": Negotiating Race and Biculturalism in Public Schools
Ngai Angelo 2013 Cultural Roots of the Rule of Law: Exploring the Possibility of Confucian Legal Order
Riccio Michael 2013 The New Racism and Punishment: "Facing the Facts" of Cultural Difference
Sacks Susanna 2013 A Carnival of One’s Own: Contemporary Rap and the Commercial Appropriate of the Neoliberal Canivalesque
Sobocinski Victoria 2013 Making Her Fit the Mold: The Representation of Modern Presidential Candidate-Spouses
Webb Kellan 2013 American Exceptionalism and Conditions for Change: The Universal Health Care Debate
Hermanto Juliaty 2012 Doing Time or Wasting Time?: An Analysis Of the Accessibility of Prison Programs in State and Federal Correctional Facilities
Martin-Kirkland Kahmai A. 2012 Don’t Tax Me Bro: The Tea Party and the Paradox of Class
Fuentes Lucas 2011 Introducing Culture to the Study of School Effects: A Theoretical and Quantitative Analysis
Grad Isobel 2011 Aesop's Cookbook: Diet Books as Contemporary Myth
Gregg Thomas 2011 Unbounded Space: A Look At Internal Collaboration at NASA
Hulleberg Anders 2011 Classroom Structure and Student Achievement: A Theory and Case Study
Rao Sameer 2011 “Joke’s on You!”: Stand-up Comedy Performance and the Management of Hecklers
Shelton Nathan 2011 The Social Character of Belief
Dutton Zachary 2010 The Downside of Restorative Justice and Why Punishment Matters: A Theoretical Discussion in a Postmodern Context
Sanchez David 2010 Normative Consent: A Critique of Power in Williamson's Transaction Cost Economics
Johnston Tiffany 2009 When Children Have Children: The Narrative of Urban Teenage Parents
Koide-Gasser Naomi 2009 Authenticity
McDowell Benjamin 2009 The Effects of Athletic Injuries on Academic Performance
Natani Yotaro 2009 Mobilization of Loyalty: A Study of Political Support for Modernization in Japan
Orlansky Emily 2009 Beauty Is in the Mouth of the Beholder: Advice Networks at Haverford College
Din Deirdre 2008 Structural Differentiation within Athletics
Eubank Julianne 2008 Failures to Sacrifice: The Isolation of the United States Imperialist Effort from the American Public
Israel Shayna 2008 Using Creative Umbrellas: Identity Group Conflict, Miscommunication, and the Need for an Intellectual Community at BMC
Koehler Johann 2008 Advocating a Reiterative Drug Crackdown: Philadelphia's Operation Safe Streets, Open Air Drug Markets, and a Policy Alternativee
McCoy Alexandra 2008 The Road to Higher Education: A New Look at the Formation of Educational Aspirations
McWilliam Halley 2008 A Contemporary Analysis of Cultural Expression As Seen Through Clothing, Women, Identity and the Structure that Wears Them All: Fashion
Moore Jesse 2008 The Maxsa Model: A New Organizational Paradigm
Moser Alexander Simon 2008 Deviance and Piracy: A Strain Theory Account of Peer-to-Peer File Sharing
Panek Ray 2008 'Roid Rage' for the Information Age: A Study on Internet Based Anabolic-Androgenic Steroid Subculture and Users
Petersen Kelly 2008 Charitable Giving of Alumni: Social Embeddedness, Activities, and Giving
Williams Sonia 2008 Cognitive Dissonance: On Categorization, Rationalization, and the Place of Breaking Points in the Performance Narrative