How to Report Sexual Misconduct

Complaints of sexual misconduct against another student should be made to Martha Denney, Dean of the College or Steve Watter, Title IX Coordinator.

Reports may also be made to any member of the Circle, including Campus Safety.

Our experience shows that sometimes it is the case that a student will feel more comfortable telling a trusted member of the community that s/he has experienced sexual misconduct.

Please note that all employees of the College and student leaders in the Customs Program acting in their capacities as UCAs, CPs, HCOs, AMA, PAFs, iSRPs or SRPs except for those identified as confidential resources are considered "Responsible Employees" under this policy and are therefore required to inform Dean Denney, Dean Watter or their direct supervisor of any instance of sexual misconduct that comes to their attention.

Reports of sexual misconduct against faculty, staff or third parties can be made to the Director of Human Resources or to any of the College's EEO Officers.