Title IX Coordinator

Steve Watter

Dean of Student Life, Senior Associate Dean of the College, Title IX Coordinator, and coordinator of the Sexual Misconduct Policy Advisory Committee.

  • Phone: (610) 896-4246
  • Hours: M–F: 9:00a.m.–5:00p.m.
  • Location: Chase 218

A dean is on-call 24 hours and reachable through Campus Safety at (610) 896-1111.

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One important compliance requirement established by the Office of Civil Rights of the Department of Education is that each school receiving federal funding should appoint at least one Title IX Coordinator; this individual is responsible for promoting an institutional environment that is free of gender bias and sexual misconduct of all kinds. Steve Watter is Haverford’s Title IX Coordinator. To that end, he is familiar with the school’s internal judicial procedures and sources of help on-and off-campus, and so is a resource for student inquiries on all such matters. He also monitors and evaluates compliance with Title IX reporting requirements, and oversees training to the community on the issue of sexual misconduct.

The Title IX Coordinator can:
  • Explain the on-and off-campus resources available to you
  • Explain Haverford’s internal judicial procedures, including the Dean’s Panel.
  • Discuss remedies, including but not limited to "no contact" orders, changes in housing arrangements and/or academic schedule. Other options will be considered as appropriate and feasible. Any remedies approved will be reviewed and modified as conditions warrant.
Additional Information:
  • As the Title IX Coordinator, Steve Watter has received more extensive training in issues of sexual misconduct.
  • The anonymous report will be included in the Annual Crime Statistics which Security compiles in compliance with the Clery Act.