Student Organizations

Allied Students for Consent (ASC)

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Allied Students for Consent (ASC) brings together survivors and allies of all genders and sexualities. We seek to prevent sexual violence, promote a survivor-friendly environment, and foster healthy sexual attitudes on campus through awareness, dialogue, and education.

ASC began as Consent is Sexy in Fall 2011. As Consent is Sexy, we organized the yellow postering campaign, tabled for signatures on the “Got Consent? YES!” poster, collected signatures for an open letter to the deans, and moderated this blog. The organizing committee became a part of Haverford’s Sexual Misconduct Policy Advisory Committee (SMPAC), an official committee of the college that came out of the Consent is Sexy campaign.

We ultimately decided to change the group’s name from Consent is Sexy to Allied Students for Consent. In part this decision came out of discussions about whether the Consent is Sexy moniker, though quite popular, projected the assumption that getting and giving consent was inherently sexy. We felt it would be more appropriate to shift to a neutral title, so we could still express how consent can be sexy without suggesting that it always is or should be.

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Survivors of Assault and Rape (SOAR)

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SOAR members meet once a week at an undisclosed time and location. Meetings are generally run Quaker-meeting style and intend to provide a safe, confidential, and supportive space for students. If interested in becoming a member or receiving emails, please contact

SOAR meetings are:
  • A supportive, non-judgmental, safe space for survivors of any gender or sexuality.
  • Open to anyone who has experienced non-consensual sexual contact. You do not need to label your experience sexual assault or rape in order to attend.
  • Completely confidential; members's names are not shared with the College.
  • Unstructured. You can speak as much or as little as you want, and you will never be required to share your experience.
Additional Information:
  • The College encourages you to seek professional support through CAPS in addition to attending SOAR meetings.
  • SOAR is a student-run group with no mandated reporting. If you want your incident included in annual crime statistics, you must report it to the College.
  • The Rape and Sexual Assault Student Assistants are trained extensively to respond to sexual assault. They are available 24 hours at (484) 571-2775.