Confidentiality & Reporting

Statement Regarding Privacy

The College is committed to protecting the privacy of all individuals involved in a report of sexual assault and harassment. In any report under this policy, every effort will be made to protect the privacy interests of all individuals involved in a manner consistent with the need for a thorough review of the allegation.

The privacy of the parties will be respected and safeguarded at all times. All College employees who are involved in the College’s Title IX response, including Dean’s Panel members, receive specific training and guidance about safeguarding private information.

Privacy and confidentiality have distinct meanings under this policy.

Privacy generally means that information related to a report of misconduct will only be shared with a limited circle of individuals. The use of this information is limited to those College employees who "need to know" in order to assist in the active review, investigation, or resolution of the report. While not bound by confidentiality, these individuals will be discreet and respect the privacy of all individuals involved in the process.
Confidentiality means that information shared by an individual with designated campus or community professionals cannot be revealed to any other individual without express permission of the individual. Those campus and community professionals include, mental health providers, medical providers ordained clergy, and rape crisis counselors, all of whom have legally protected confidentiality. These individuals are prohibited from breaking confidentiality without permission unless there is an imminent threat of harm to self or others.