Sexual Misconduct

Haverford College does not tolerate sexual misconduct (sexual harassment and sexual assault, including rape). If you are in an emergency or crisis situation please call one of the Emergency Contacts.

If you have experienced sexual misconduct, you are encouraged to directly contact anyone listed on the On-Campus or Off-Campus resources pages on the Sexual Misconduct website. If you are in physical danger or have physical injuries which require immediate attention, call Campus Safety or 911. A Safety or police officer will respond right away.

No matter how you choose to address an instance of sexual misconduct, you will be supported by the resources available at Haverford College and in the community. Professionals will work with you to decide how to proceed and ensure that your needs and desires are being met.

Emergency Contacts

Learn More or Get Help

The College is committed to helping students affected by sexual misconduct deal with its impact. Visit the Sexual Misconduct website for complete information, including available resources.

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